Sunday, May 29, 2011


My cake that I got from the mission. I had frosting that I made and then put moms candles on it that she sent me and I celebrated my b day again!

I tried to open the bottle with out an oppener thingy and i sliced open my finger but... I did get it opened!
Me and Jung Hwan!

My Justin Bieber Vans!
This is the coolest picture ever George W Bush in a korean dress!
Me and Ahn Jung Hwan!
All the students!
The Hula Hoop contest!
This is part of the sports conference that they had the other week!
My Boys at the college in our area!
This is for you Lynsie! Pepsi and Coca Cola!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Old Pictures

So last P-day I got bored and started looking at old pictures that I have on my hard drive and these were some of my favorites some of them made me laugh so hard! Hope you enjoy them!

My 5 minute crash course on how to pairasail!
My 500 bucks I got for being in the hospital as the Hero of The Month!
Bradey and Austin!
Little Avery!
Me and Milly!
A typical Sunday afternoon on the front lawn!
Up Diamond Fork!
At Anderson's cabin! Look at Randie and Mckenzie! There so little!
Good old Eric as Bob the Builder!

Little Randie!
Little Kellen getting ready to go on his first date!
Kellen and Riley on there first date!
Randle doing what she does best!
Me probably being really annoying at that moment!
Mission pics by Whitney Robertson!
Lil Randle!
I remember this day perfectly! It was a Sunday evening and we just got the turn of the water down at the garden and I had to go change it and mom was making fun of me for the way I was dressed up!
Little Lynsie!
Randle and Mckenzie this pic makes me laugh!
More mission Pics by Whitney Robertson!
Little Avery!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

2 Years Ago, 2년전에.....

I sure haven't changed to much!Right after getting set apart 2 years ago!
Aunt Chris!
Calvin & Linda!
The Mortensens!
Devin & Monica!
The Hakes!
The Robertsons!
The Andersons!
The Cases!
The Boys
The Girls!
The Last Family Picture all together!
Me and Avery!
Heading to the Mtc!
Me and Trev, Lyns, and Avery
MTC with my Dork Dot
Mine and Connors First pic together!

Our last pic together!

I never thought this thing would ever get filled up all the way!

I Might be wearing this home!

Can I wear this home?

Just Me!

Kellen 2 years later!